Can’t live in the Word of God and the World

Again I am posting another assignment, I have been so distracted with Work, School and the things of this World I was trying to live in both the Word of God and the World, we cannot do this and it will not work.  I am not intentionally ignoring this but I don’t have enough time in the day for everything, I am tired and worn out and need to rest in the Lord and reconnect to him or I will fail and not make it.  The following is my assignment for today, enjoy comes straight from my hear. 


            I know the assignment was to reflect on how these verses relate to our purpose, but sometimes God speaks to you and its hard to ignore him.  I am sure I can put a spin on it by relating it to my purpose by the end, but for now, I feel this is what God has laid on my heart.  Sometimes in our journey we start with good intentions and with all our heart step out to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives.  But then life happens, people or situations unfold that distract us from the original path and we end up taking a detour.  In James 4:8 God tells me to Draw near to him and He will cleanse my hands, because I am a sinner that he will purify my heart, for I am double-minded.  When you try to live in Word of God and the World you are being double minded and distracted from God’s purpose.

        The Devils main purpose is to distract you from God’s word.  The enemy’s goal is to get you interested in something else to the point it becomes a higher priority than God.  Before too long you are lukewarm to God’s word and start attending Church or praying out of habit, not want or need.  The Word of God tells us in Revelation 3:15 “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!”  This means we can’t live in both Worlds we must choose eternal life with God or death.  When we try to live in both Worlds we lose sight of what God has planned for us. I used to know my purpose or what I believed to be my purpose, but my mind has been clouded and distracted that I need to reconnect and search inside myself to find that meaning God has for me.



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